Planning & construction of special machines

A highly qualified team of design engineers and skilled technicians offers complex solutions for assembly and testing equipment according to the wishes and demands of the customers. From the design with modern 3D CAD software, through the manufacturing with flexible CNC machines, till the assembly and commissioning, FROLYT offers a complete service. Our semi and fully automatic machines are used in many areas of the automotive industry supply chain and in the electronics industry.

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Assembly Systems

  • cable manufacturing
  • manufacturing of machine components
  • assembly of connectors / contact systems
  • components cleaning
  • component testing and inspection
  • component qualification
  • packaging

Punching and Machine Tool

  • unrolling / rolling
  • loop control
  • integration of welding equipment for endless bands
  • feed system (drive system)
  • toolmaking (punching and bending tools)
  • rewinder with release tape / packaging
  • optical examination by toolmaking

Inspection System

  • camera system
  • pressure/Force check
  • electrical examination
  • tact examination

Packaging and Pallets Modules

  • blister belt
  • tray
  • cardboard box
  • bag

Contract Manufacturing for Machining

Special Automation for Electronic Components

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