Individual machining components

We manufacture individual machining components from all common materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, plastic, brass in small and medium series as well as initial sample parts. We are also your partner for the design and construction of devices, assemblies up to full automation. Contact us: +49 3731 517 439 (Mr. Lißner), +49 3731 […]

Life tests of FROLYT

Life tests of FROLYT – capacitors provide a useful life of more than 36.000h / 105 ° C. Diagram (PDF)

Distribution agreement with Blume Elektronik

Distribution agreement with Blume Elektronik. Whether now you can buy our capacitors over Blume Elektronik. After an intensive product training are the employees of Blume Elektronik Distribution GmbH now answer all technical questions.

New dimensions

SMD capacitors from FROLYT are now also available in the dimensions 10,0 x 16,5 mm.


SMD-Electrolytic-Aluminum-Capacitor-New by FROLYT on the size 10,2 x 10,0 (low ESR) has achieved a useful life of 10.000 h at 105 °C with a maximal change ΔC/C0 of -10,72%. An endurance of 12.000 h is expected at 105 °C.

vibration-stable SMD-Capacitors

For applications with high operational vibration are now offered by FROLYT besides the Pseudo-SMD’s, also vibration-stable SMD-Capacitors on sizes between Ø 12,5 x 21,0 mm and Ø 12,5 x 30,0 mm. With a new socket design are these vibration-stable SMD-Capacitors for the first time on reliable use. Other sizes can be developed on demand.