New dimensions

SMD capacitors from FROLYT are now also available in the dimensions 10,0 x 16,5 mm.


SMD-Electrolytic-Aluminum-Capacitor-New by FROLYT on the size 10,2 x 10,0 (low ESR) has achieved a useful life of 10.000 h at 105 °C with a maximal change ΔC/C0 of -10,72%. An endurance of 12.000 h is expected at 105 °C.

vibration-stable SMD-Capacitors

For applications with high operational vibration are now offered by FROLYT besides the Pseudo-SMD’s, also vibration-stable SMD-Capacitors on sizes between Ø 12,5 x 21,0 mm and Ø 12,5 x 30,0 mm. With a new socket design are these vibration-stable SMD-Capacitors for the first time on reliable use. Other sizes can be developed on demand.