Full LED life thanks to reliable and long-lasting aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

We published the following article in 2017: “A service life of 100,000 hours and more is no challenge for an LED, but what about the other components?

Through targeted further development, aluminum electrolytic capacitors can also achieve an enormous service life. This property is not only a successful development from an ecological point of view, but also a good application criterion for manufacturers of LED lamps with LED drivers. Many electrolytic capacitors suffer from drying out after 10,000 hours due to lack of space and heat input and thus lose their function, resulting in a destroyed LED lamp.

Capacitors from FROLYT Kondensatoren und Bauelemente GmbH do not show this weakness thanks to technical know-how and specific use of materials. FROLYT perfects the system design of the capacitor so that it works in optimal interaction with an LED.”

Today we have followed up and present new evaluations of the lifetime in the diagram.